Car Wash

In order to serve the community we had a car wash. Lot's of fun.......and hope.
Con la intencion de servir nuestra comunidad tuvimos un "Lavado de carros"
...Mucho divertimiento .......y esperanza

Nuevos Hermanos- New brothers.

Conosca al Hno. Jose Freddie y su esposa Maria,a quien damos las bienvenidas junto a sus hijos Kevin y Amy

A tribute to the fathers.

A tribute to the fathers
When I was:
4 years old- “ My dad can do anything!”
5- My dad knows a lot.
6-My dad is more intelligent than yours.
8- My dad..He doesn’t know  exactly everything.
10- In the times my dad grew up, surely things were quite different.
12- Oh, well! My dad doesn’t know anything about that, he’s too old to remember his childhood.
14- Don’t mind my old man, he’s old-fashioned. No chance of recuperation.
21- My dad knows a little about this, but of course, It couldn’t be different. He’s old enough.
30- I ain’t gonna do anything before I talk to dad.
40- I ask myself, how dad would have managed this. He was so intelligent and had a world of experience.
50- I’d give anything for dad to be here, to talk to him. It’s a shame I didn’t value his intelligence. I could have learned so much from him.

Wake up, it’s still time..

Nos regocijamos con la presencia de 36 personas en este domingo pasado.
Que el Señor continue nos bendeciendo!!
Look at this brother's expression after baptism. Is it JOY or what? I believe this is how the first Christians felt. 
Miren la expression de felidad que tenia este hermano al ser bautizado. Era felicidad o qué.? Asi creo que eran los primeros Cristianos cuando eran bautizados.

Pensamiento del dia. Thought of the day.
Queremos dar las bienvenidas al Hno. Saturnino y su esposa Olivia que vienen de Republica Dominicana. Sean bienvenidos hermanos. We want to welcome bros. Saturnino and his wife Olivia that come from the church in Dominican Republic.Welcome brothers!!
Nos alegramos con la visita de varios hermanos de Richmond. Gracias por su animo.
We rejoiced with the presence of some brothers and sisters from Richmond. Thanks
always for your encouragement.
Rejoice Jesus lives!!! Alegraos, Jesus está vivo!!!!!!!!!!
Our Prayer meeting this past Wednesday had 14 adults. It was wonderful to see all these
brothers and sisters. This was made in Luray. 36 miles away from our church building.

Nuestra reunion de oración tenia como 14 adultos. Fue muy bueno ver nuestros hermanos y hermanas, Estabamos a 36 millas  lejos de nuestra congregacion en Luray, VA.
Varias personas vinieron por la ropas. Many came to get clothes.
Hope they come for Jesus.

Preparation for clothing ride

We're preparing for our Saturday clothing ride.But we still have a lot to cover. Estamos nos preparando para la ofrenda de ropas en este sabado. Todavia hay mucho que hacer.

After a long,long winter ( It's still here) we're going to start our action. This coming Saturday our congregation will promote a "Winter clothing Ride" We're giving winter clothing away to the needy community. Thanks Hopewell for your help. En este Sabado vamos a ofrendar mucha ropa de invierno a la comunidad carente.Gracias a la congregacion de Hopewell por su ayuda con estas ropas.
Nos regocijamos en Cristo por su amor y cuidado para con nosotros.Hoy tuvimos 35 personas presentes en nuestro servicio. 12 visitantes. Rogamos que el Señor continue abriendo nuestras fronteras.
We're so happy with the Lord's love and care towards us.We had 35 present in our worship this morning. 12 visitors. Please pray that the Lord may open up our frontiers.